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WildAssGuess says:

I agree with this completely. Bibi has lost the youth and the direction of the country and is now a weakened leader. The complaint is that the ‘polls and surveys’ were wrong.

If this sounds familiar it is; the difference is that Bibi won and Romney lost. But it was the same scenario of Romney believing what he wanted and disregarding the outside polls.

This is from Forbes describing Romney’s denial:


11/30/2012 @ 12:08PM |1,323 views


Explaining Romney’s Polling Delusion

“The obvious question here is: why did Newhouse and Romney’s brain trust rely exclusively on only their own data and ignore all the other polls, which showed a much grimmer picture for them?”


Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Bibi Unskewed.

From Haaretz (via TPM),

“Throughout the election campaign Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was fed erroneous, unreliable, unprofessional survey results. This is the clear conclusion emerging from Tuesday’s election results.”



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