Facebook Likes Chris Christie | FDL News Desk

My Wag

I can’t believe this. If Zuckerberg/Facebook actually uses the Facebook site to advance his political interests he will divide his audience. Then this scenario plays out: Mary will not talk to Patty because Patty is against ‘Immigration Reform’.

I would think that Z/F wants the most audience he can get. Unless he thinks that anger will drive people this seems strange. The whole point of F was to connect people…that it has done. But the world and it’s situations always change and especially in this time of rapid change; (even for large money backed forums such as: My Space), sometimes change is not the answer.

Facebook Likes Chris Christie | FDL News Desk.

And by the way for those wondering whether Zuckerberg/Facebook has the authority to use user data to help a political campaign – yes, yes they do. Facebook owns the data you put on their site or rather information you put on “your” profile. They can and do sell that information to third parties – in fact that’s how they make money.

So should Zuckerberg continue to be enthralled by Chris Christie and should Christie run in 2016 Mark Zuckerberg could prove an invaluable resource to the national campaign by giving/selling the Christie campaign access to Facebook user data. It could be just the edge Christie needs to win.


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