Rand Paul: GOP Must ‘Evolve’ Or ‘Die’ – Business Insider


What ideas? To call Obama a King? This is going to help the GOP evolve?

What a nitwit. He is a senator and should deserve respect…

…but he’s a nitwit.

Rand Paul: GOP Must ‘Evolve’ Or ‘Die’ – Business Insider.

• He accused President Barack Obama of acting like a “king” by issuing executive orders to curb gun violence, and told off New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his criticism of the NRA. (He also chided Christie for throwing a “tantrum” over Hurricane Sandy relief aid.)

• He spent Inauguration Day in South Carolina, where he spoke to the Charleston Meeting, a exclusive conservative confab in the first-in-South primary state. At that meeting, he accused House Republicans of “retreating” on the debt ceiling.

• After grilling Clinton Wednesday, he emailed supporters a video of his questioning with the subject line: “Had I Been President I Would Have Relieved Clinton Of Her Duties”



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