Scenes from the Conservative Bunker | New Republic

My Wag

Well written piece concerning whether or not the GOP can save and revive it’s brand. I think they will. But I think it will take a few years for all the Far Right Wing (crazies) to work their way through the system.

…..This is partway into the article…..

Scenes from the Conservative Bunker | New Republic.

5. Threatening a U.S. credit default in 2011 was not perhaps the most responsible thing for Republicans to do. Following on his call for allowing Republican elected officials to actually govern, Podhoretz declared, “Politicians can’t come to Washington to do nothing. That’s an oxymoron.” But following the big GOP wave of 2010, that often seemed to be the goal, he said. With the debt ceiling, in particular, there was a widespread notion that all Republicans had to do was stand pat and let the threat of default near, that this would somehow be “a really exciting moment,” causing a crisis that would “lead to, you know, fun change.” “This,” Podhoretz said drily, “was not a rational response to a particular political moment.”


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