Obama Endorses Compromise on Immigration

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The ‘illegal problem’ is a tough one. Not getting what is considered the best solution is the solution. Compromise is part of the solution. This is what the GOP is currently having trouble with…absolutism: “advocacy of a rule by absolute standards or principles”.

The current govt that we have is not what I would choose but it is what we have. If you don’t like it, then work to change it. I think the Hastert Rule is being dropped and that is a good thing. A little less absolutism.

This year will be known as the great compromise. What the Dems have to give up remains to be seen. If the economy recovers enough to help lower the deficit Dems will have to give up less. Immigration, the debt, the deficit and guns are currently up in the air in Washington and I wish for a perfect solution but I advocate for a reasonable compromise.

Obama Basically Endorses the Gang of Eight Immigration Proposal | FDL Action.

The lack of details was likely a political choice. Obama seems relatively happy with how things are currently moving in Congress and does want to step in unless necessary.

Obama basically endorsed the outline of the proposal from the Gang of Eight.

More at Firedoglake.


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