What’s that Stink: It’s Washington’s 30 Year Dump on All of Us

My Wag

From a comment reply to Libertendent on Politico:

I agree.
But I also wanted to ask Rich Lowry if he had a plan? If he really wants to maintain any sense of legitimacy as a writer for National Review or at Politico why carp about amnesty or probationary legal status? Sure bitch a little but why not put that 100 watt brain power to work on a plan? And if he had written about a practical solution before just put a link for the masses.

The plan would have to be practical, unlike self deportation. Practical because there are approximately 11 million people. Generations of people. Unlike jack booted Federal agents spreading out across the country. (I’m sure that’s a fantasy for many people and exactly the opposite reasons).
Who wanted this mess? Some powerbroker for one or all of these production businesses: beef, pork, chicken (growing or meat cutting) vegetables, construction, lawn maintenance? Nannies or high end house keeping?

Was it an evil plan to save our demographics? We are now a young country. What about Social Security? Illegals who pay in don’t get paid out.

All of the arguments don’t matter at this point. Amnesty or probationary legal status? Who cares? We have a problem that has to get fixed. I won’t like it and you won’t like it. It might even stink. But it well be than the dump that collective Washington Politicians have be taking on us for the past 30 odd years.

Opinion: Marco Rubio’s bad deal – Rich Lowry – POLITICO.com.

……It’s never a good sign when lawmakers can’t call things by their real names. Even conservative star Marco Rubio — the gang’s most important member, who has been energetic and fearless in making his case — calls illegal immigrants “undocumented” workers. He referred to them in a recent blog post as people “living in the United States without proper immigration documents.”

Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform also resolutely refuse to say the word “amnesty.” They contend that the proposed package is not an amnesty because illegal immigrants have to go to the back of the line for a green card. But before that happens, they get “probationary legal status” after passing a background check and paying a fine and back taxes. As a practical matter, this is the amnesty…….


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