Now comes the Hard Part…Validating…The Spotlight

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Trust Me, Paul Ryan is Really Smart”

While driving yesterday I heard somebody present a question to Byron York to the effect of, “I keep hearing that Paul Ryan is really smart, but the only evidence people offer in support of that is ‘He read Ayn Rand in high school and he wrote a budget plan.’ Why should I believe he’s smart?”

York fumbled out an answer that, unintentionally, spoke highly of the President and not so highly of Ryan. Specifically, York argued that Ryan has mastered details of the budget, and if you meet with him in private he will wow you with his grasp of those details. I’m reminded of fifth grade, in which some kids I knew had memorized pretty much every detail from the back of trading cards for the entire NHL roster. The kids at issue weren’t slouches, but I need a bit more than that to be wowed by a grown-up.

Please read the rest.


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