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Exceptions to EU-wide rules  

(This is from EU Immigration Portal; a very good site but Lord there sure is a lot of rules; you better have lots of extra time. By this time I am so confused that I forgot how I even got here).

We now I remember. While reading this Daily Mail story I thought that some people were going to ‘head for the hills’. Then I didn’t want to write it without knowing it’s origin and that was a little over 1 hour. I found ‘head for the hills’ and ‘no-brainer’ and a bunch more in the next story.

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EU-wide immigration rules generally apply in 24 out of the EU’s 27 countries. The following exceptions apply:

Denmark does not apply EU-wide rules which relate to immigration, visa and asylum policies.

Ireland and the United Kingdom choose, on a case-by-case basis, whether or not to adopt EU rules on immigration, visa and asylum policies.

For information on immigration and visa rules in any of these three countries, select the country on this map.

More on EU-wide immigration rules

More on EU-wide visa rules
National Immigration Rules

Each EU country alone decides:

  • The total number of migrants that can be admitted to the country to look for work;
  • All final decisions on migrant applications;
  • Rules on long-term visas – stays for periods longer than three months; and
  • Conditions to obtain residence and work permits when no EU-wide rules have been adopted.
Read more:

Is this the future for Britain? German cities plead for help from Berlin as ‘social peace’ is threatened by large number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants | Mail Online.

  • German cities facing ‘significant costs’ as a result of poverty migration
  • Dortmund, Hanover, Duisburg, Berlin and Hamburg all struggling to cope
  • Chaos in classrooms with native children being held back, report claims
  • Roma families with ten children ‘receiving payments for each from the state’
  • Reports of Romanian crime gangs sending children and women out to steal

By Keith Gladdis


Cities in Germany have warned that ‘social peace’ there is at risk due to an influx of economic migrants from Bulgaria and Romania.

In a stark warning to the UK, reports tell of an epidemic of illegal working, chaos in schools because so many children can’t speak German, and an alarming increase in organised crime since the migrants arrived.

Dortmund, Hanover, Berlin and Hamburg say they are struggling to absorb a six-fold increase in economic migration from the two countries since 2006.

A Roma community in Bulgaria. Both Bulgaria and Romania are relatively poor, rendering employment in the Germany and the UK attractive prospects

A Roma community in Bulgaria. Both Bulgaria and Romania are relatively poor, rendering employment in the Germany and the UK attractive prospects.

The rise is exacerbated by the euro crisis, which has forced Bulgarians and Romanians to seek a better life in their nearest big economy.

A report by the German Association of Cities says they face ‘significant costs as a result of this poverty migration’.


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