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Though much has been made about Democrats’ positioning on Obamacare as 2014 approaches, it may be Republicans that face more hurdles in the early parts of the campaign.

In seven of eight Senate races the incumbent senator facing a serious or semi-serious primary challenger is a Republican. That’s in contrast to incumbent Democrats. In the eight races just one includes an incumbent Democrat with a primary challenger.

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Governing by Obstruction


Governing by Obstruction

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Both Parties want to get their way all the time. How you operate when you’re in the minority will most likely be the way you are treated when you have Executive power. The GOP is/has been using their power to obstruct to such an extreme degree that the DEMs have used the Nuclear Option to restrict the use of the Filibuster for Executive appointments…except for SCOTUS nominees.

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“The reality is we face is that the blue slip rule can be more problematic than the filibuster, in part because it is a silent, unaccountable veto,” an administration official familiar with Obama’s thinking on judicial nominations told TPM.

The blue slip is not a formal Senate rule and can be ignored. Over time, some committee chairs have adhered to it more closely than others. Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has stood by the blue slip tradition and said after the filibuster change that he will continue to do so.

George Zimmerman Had A Small Arsenal With Him When He Was Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges | ThinkProgress

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George Zimmerman was a threat before Trayvon Martin. Now he is a bigger threat due to the changes that have taken place after he killed Trayvon. More guns, more disturbed thinking and actions towards his wife or ex-wife (I don’t really know), past girlfriend and current girlfriend.

He thinks he’s a star and now it seems that he has to feed at the trough of public media exposure. It makes me ill.

George Zimmerman Had A Small Arsenal With Him When He Was Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

By Annie-Rose Strasser on November 26, 2013 at 4:52 pm

George Zimmerman Had A Small Arsenal With Him When He Was Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges


When police took George Zimmerman into custody for domestic violence charges earlier this month, the man who killed Trayvon Martin was armed with five firearms and 100 rounds of ammunition, according to a warrant released by police on Tuesday.

Zimmerman’s girlfriend alleges that he assaulted her, brandishing a shotgun in her face and telling her she would “regret” calling 911 for help. According to the warrant, a 12-gauge high capacity shotgun wasn’t the only weapon he was carrying. He also had an AR-15 assault rifle and three handguns — a Glock 19, an Interarms .380-caliber, and a Taurus 9mm.

He used a different handgun, a Kel-Tec 9 mm pistol, on the night he shot Trayvon Martin.

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George Zimmerman Had A Small Arsenal With Him When He Was Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges | ThinkProgress.


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Excellent informative journalism about a very misunderstood and ridiculed law: The ACA. Image

Derisively named ObamaCare by it’s detractors but smartly embraced by it’s creators, we now have a well written piece succinctly named:

Understanding ObamaCare by David Nather

Here is the link and a small sample.

“If you want to cut through all of the noise and just get
to the bottom line of what the fight over President
Barack Obama’s health care law is really about, you
can learn a lot through the stories of two Georgia Republicans.
One wants to wipe Obamacare off the books. The other says
he needs it to stay alive.
Clint Murphy is a real estate agent in Savannah who used
to be a Republican political operative. He’s also a survivor of
testicular cancer, which means he can’t get health insurance
now. The only way he’ll be able to get it, he says, is through the
Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as Obamacare.
When open enrollment for Obamacare coverage begins on
Oct. 1, Murphy will be able to sign up for health insurance,
and the insurer won’t be able to turn him down for having
a pre-existing condition. That’s why he has been telling his
story to media outlets and working with the law’s biggest
supporters to make sure Obamacare survives. He’s tired of
being uninsured.
Tom Price is one of the House Republicans who keeps voting,
over and over, to get rid of the law or starve it to death.
But Price doesn’t want to just be a wrecking ball. The orthopedic
surgeon is the author of one of the only fully developed Republican
alternatives to Obamacare, and he has been talking it up every chance he gets.
Price has heard Murphy’s story, and has total sympathy for
him. It’s “terrible,” Price says, to be locked out of the health
insurance market like that. But Price says he has a better answer
for Murphy: create special health plans that would be
offered through membership associations.
“If we made it a goal that [people with pre-existing conditions]
would have access to pools of health insurance with
millions of others, … then you’ve solved the problem without
putting Washington in charge,” Price said.
Murphy’s response: That’s nice, but Obamacare is already
the law. It’s time to move ahead and make the law better —
because everyone knows it’s not going away.
“Get off of this ‘my way or the highway,’” Murphy told POLITICO.
“This stagnation they’re creating, it has a real cost to
the rest of us. The stakes are literally life and death.”
That pretty much sums up the battle lines the entire nation
faces as Obamacare opens for business. Part of the nation
wants to throw the law out. Even if they don’t want to shut
down the government or default on the debt limit, they hate
the law and see it as an expensive disaster. The other part is
siding with the Democrats: Enough, already. Get on with it.

Lindsey Graham Makes Me Sick

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Another Sunday and another day for Sen Lindsey Graham to prove how ‘right’ he is on Fox News.

  1. sequestration
  2. Benghazi
  3. Sen Hagel for Sec Def

1. We are unwinding the greatest military on face of the earth. Of course it’s the greatest military on the face of the earth:

U.S. military spending – Dept. of Defense plus nuclear weapons (in $billions) – is equal to the military spending of the next 15 countries combined.

2. For the loyal opposition (GOP) to mention, mention, mention and beat a dead horse again and again about the failures at Bengahzi is stunning, stunning, stunning. That the current Administration failed to properly equip a US consulate at the Libyan port city of Bengahzi on the 9/11 anniversary of the previous Administration’s stunning and spectacular failure of a 3 pronged attack on teh United States of America; New York City…World Trade Center Twin Towers destroyed, Pentagon damaged.

3. Sen Hagel Filibustered. Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked — for now — Chuck Hagel’s nomination to lead the Pentagon, marking the first time the chamber has successfully filibustered a Cabinet nominee.

Roger Ailes created the Monster that wants to eat the GOP

Roger Ailes created the Monster that wants to eat the GOP.
Roger and Rove can do all the aggressive and shrewd moves that they want…it doesn’t matter. The Monster will not be controlled. Fox News doesn’t understand who they are dealing with. This is the same group that was spoon fed the vilest propaganda on TV; Reagan & deficit & tax increases, welfare, war, fear, Clinton & Vince Foster, August 6, 2011 President’s Daily Brief – Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in US, Downing Street Memo, FISA warrants, Tax Cuts because we’re paying off deficit too fast – Greenspan, Guns, God, Religion, War on Christmas, Abortion, Immigration, Science, Global Warming, Evolution……
The sheeple will be amazed that their God has abandoned them for some vile establishment GOP. They want their GOP the way they like it…scared, stupid and packing heat.